2024 Workshop

2024 Workshop

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Title: Your Owned Feminine
Day: Saturday, March 30 2024
Time: 11am-4pm
Location: Butter & Filth, 4840 Waller Rd
Create your own definition for what feminine means to you and then throw away the one that’s crushed you. Step out of wounding and into power by naming, defining and living in your own idea of what feminine is.

In this 5 hour intensive we will discuss the origins of our current ideas of what feminine means. Then we will shatter those, and build a new working definition through writing, dance, discussion, and art making.

This intensive is not about gender or sexual identity, though it is perfectly normal and expected for your findings here to inform that. Instead, this workshop is about your voice and ideas. It is about standing 10 toes on how you choose to embrace your own feminine energy. We use multiple modalities of art and communication.


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