Nia Burks, Owner

Her Dance Style: Soul piercing gaze, booty queen, sexy flexy octopus stripper style. Dark and jaw dropping.

About: Nia is a not-so-reformed goth, louder than any human you know, and hilarious af. No shortage of intellect or cellulite with this one.

Insta: @niatron

Clara James

Her Dance Style: Both predator and prey, smooth slithers and sudden strikes.

About: Clara aspires to be a mediator between the head, the heart, and the guts.

Insta: @raised_by_snakes

Lori Weaver

Her Dance Style: Somewhere between demonic beast and stand up comedy.

About: Lori would be a great host for karaoke night in hell.

Insta: @heavymetaphysical

Kalena Sills

Her Dance Style: Freakish in a way that you can't look away from.

About: You gotta watch out for the quiet ones. 

Insta: @creativeaffliction

Work Study
Keyona Allen

Her Dance Style: The perfect mix between athletic and sexy.

About: A former collegiate athlete, a doctor in training, and the most southern sweet you will ever meet. 

Insta: @keykd_up

Mattie Hedgebeth

Her Dance Style: More attitude than you can handle. 

About: Sweet and kind, til the heels go on. Then all bets are off. #badbitch

Insta: @_miscellaneousl3gs

Teresa Rackers

Her Dance Style: She knows you're looking, but she doesn't give a shit. She does this for herself. 

About: Animal lover, former zookeeper, and fake lash novice.

Insta: @thedancingphoenyx

Allie Carpenter

Master planner, logistics goddess. Allie keeps us all together and in one piece.

Sean Shanley

Spreadsheet master, finance projector, chief of talking Nia into all of the things.