The Founder
Nia Burks, Owner

About: Nia is a not-so-reformed goth, louder than any human you know, and hilarious af. No shortage of intellect or cellulite with this one.

Nia Burks has over 20 years of experience in art and education ranging from teaching swim lessons to children under 5, to advising thesis' for terminal degree research, to professing in university classes, and teaching pole dancing.

Her gifting is in being the tour guide for chaos and passion alchemist for those who feel called to greater levels of consciousness through creativity and eroticism.

Somatically focused, Nia authors curriculum based in embodiment, enactivism, intuition, and art. She believes in the body's stunning capacity for holding truth, and fosters the activation of that truth through expansive creative approaches.

Nia holds various undergraduate and terminal degrees and residency awards in the arts from Virginia Commonwealth University In Richmond Va, Maryland Institute College of Art in Baltimore Md, Takt Kunsteprojektraum in Berlin De, and Samband Islenskra Myndlistarmanna or The Association of Icelandic Visual Artists in Reykjavik Is.

Her vision is to give you space to explore what you need, desire, and can become.

Sean Shanley

Spreadsheet master, finance projector, chief of talking Nia into all of the things.