5 Easy Steps To Booking A Pole Dance Party at Butter & Filth

How many times did we say we’re gonna do some cool shit, then we ain’t done it yet??

Not this time, y’all! Get your people together and get ‘em ready to turn it up at a private Butter & Filth pole party! We are the Richmond, Va headquarters for pole dance. Bring your friends, your ferocity, your fire, and leave any judgement at home cuz this is the space for freakness to run loose. 

One of the squad has to be the organized one, so whoever that is, click on over to richmondpoleparties.com and roll on through these steps:

1. Find a party that’s juuust right! 

Looking for a fully personalized experience with custom choreography and lighting? It might be a Premier Party for you! Or is 90 minutes enough to wet your whistle, and you wanna make sure some sexy floor work is included? Check into our Pro Party! We have options for every budget!

2. Pick a date!

Once y’all figured out which party suits ya, click the “check availability” button for that particular party on the richmondpoleparties.com homepage. You’ll see a mention about the deposit, but that isn’t submitting until you select your date and time!) Go ahead and click “Continue” to open the calendar. When you click on your date, you can then pick your time. 

3. Tell us about yourself and your party plans!

The form will ask some basic info, like how to contact you and the kind of celebration you're having. We might need lighting requests and song selections if you’ll be hosting a Pro or Premier party, so be ready to pick your favorites. 

4. Send a deposit!

Complete the payment steps for submitting the deposit get your party booked. We’ll follow up with you about next steps for final payment. Remember: Your deposit goes toward your total cost. It's not in addition. Do you have more questions? See our FAQ here. 

5. Get your fine asses ready!

Bring some water (this is a physically active activity!) and an outfit that makes you feel like fire. A lace bra? Sequin thong? Astronaut costume?? DO YOU, BOO!

See you soon!!