So, you finished Infusion...
You want a membership?

This quick guide will help you with all of the steps to set up your membership. Please follow each step completely. We cannot wait to facilitate uniquness, possibility, and growth in your life though pole!

Step 1:
Decide Your Path

Think of B&F like a university where you major in yourself. Choose your track: General Studies or Erotic Expansion.

General studies allows you to take level appropriate drop in credits. Single classes are 45 minutes long, and cost one of your monthly credits. Double classes are 90 minutes long and cost two of your credits. Doubles are literally two classes back to back. The class material is not progressive.

Erotic Expansion, which is part of the Academy of Intelligent Sexy. In the Academy, all classes are taught as weekly series and are progressive (meaning, each week builds on the previous). Erotic Expansion is the first series you'll take out of Infusion. This signature 12 week long beginner program works just like Infusion: you meet at the same time each week, but this time its for 12 weeks.

Don't worry. You can switch between the two if you want.

Which should you pick?

Choosing between General Studies and Academy of Intelligent Sexy can be hard. Here are some tips to help you choose:
General Studies

Explain who this is good for in this paragraph.

Erotic Expansion

Explain who this is good for in this paragraph.

Step 2
Decide which Membership is right for you.


Step 3
Get the Welcome Guide


-Read the guide. Details policies so you can know what you're signing up for.
-Talk about how empowerment means staying in the know.
-Indicate that we're not quite done yet. Keep Scrolling.

Step 4
Download the B&F App

Download our app in Google Play of the App Store. Just search Butter & Filth and we will pop up.

Create a login.

Once logged in, click your profile icon, click "billing information", and put a credit card on file.

Step 5
Start Your Journey

The last step! Click below to seal the deal.