Season Of Love(-ing Your Damn Self)

Who’s the one that knows you the best? Who knows all your secrets, and what makes you smile, and what makes you stressed, and what turns you the fuck on? Who is the one who knows exactly what you need, when you need it?

You know lyin’ if you said anyone other than your damn self. 

Show you how much you love YOU with the gift of sexy self care on the Butter & Filth dance floor, a space for you to explore your inner workings by getting creative with your outer workings. A pole dance party is the best way to treat yourself like the amazing human that you are. 

Come love yourself (and your friends) with the stage lights and pro audio, talented and enthusiastic instructors, good energy and positive attitudes to let your imagination loose.

Get your favorite cuties together this month to share the love for yourselves at Butter & Filth. Checkout to see which of our party packages gets you hyped!

We are the best in Richmond. Aquarius season babies, we're looking at you too! 

Book now.