Pole Dance Party Preparation Checklist

You’re ready to party with us?? All your people have RSVP’d, the date is set, plans are in motion! Now, let's make the most of it! Use this checklist so no stilettos are left behind.

Boring stuff you won’t regret:

  • Show up ON TIME, every one of you! No need for fashionable lateness here. Tardiness cuts into your booked time. 
  • Hydration is the secret to life, y’all; bring a water bottle. We have a fountain here if you need to refill. Snag one of our snazzy Butter & Filth bottles if you want! Merchandise discounts are available for some party packages, too. 
  • Snacks are the second secret to life. If you don’t have plans for dining after, considering eating something beforehand. Premier parties include complimentary cupcakes and drinks. 
  • Show some skin, if you wanna!  Wear what makes you most comfortable (more on this below!).
  • Don’t use lotion the day of your party. Poles are slippery and are even more slippery when you’re well moisturized. Bring some for after the class!

The fun stuff!

  • At Butter & Filth, be who you are, or whoever you want to be! And let your outfit show it! Does that mean glow in the dark pasties and thigh high stilettos?? YES, please. Maybe you’re feeling yourself in a floor length lacy white robe? Oh so hot. Do those Nike Pro shorts make your booty look juuuust right? Show it off! Y’all made matching shirts for this?! WE LOVE IT. But importantly, just bring us your real selves, because that is the sexiest thing you can wear. 
  • Coordinate with your people to make it all around the most bitchin’ day. If you booked an afternoon party, meet for lunch or drinks before class. For an evening party, make a reservation for dinner afterwards. Or you might be still vibing after your pole party and ready to keep it going, so pack an outfit change to head straight into a night of dancing!
  • Is this party a surprise for a special someone?? Bring along gifts and other celebration bits for the guest of honor! Butter & Filth tanks are a great memento, and are available at the studio. 
  • Have your cameras ready. If you haven’t been inside our studio, you should know it’s pretty much a crystal ball that is the best backdrop ever. The lights in here make everyone glow with magic, and we’ll make sure you have time to capture these moments. Video is also a fun way to remember what you learned for when you come back for a class. ;)
  • Let go of expectations, judgement, and inhibitions. Everyone is welcome here, we are a supportive space for all! Butter & Filth encourages creativity, honesty, and realness, so pack up all those things in your tote bag and we’ll see you on the pole!