The Olivia P&L

The Olivia P&L

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The Olivia P&L is a digital money management system for absolute beginners. This is for anyone who works in informal cash economies. It's for people who don't know where to start, and probably track their earnings on a napkin of a notes file in their phone. 

Your will love The Olivia P&L is for you if: 

 -You are visual. It's colorful and there are definitions of almost every word right next to the term.
-You forget.There are directions on every page.
-You like pretty things.This thing is color coded so you will begin to learn what colors stand for what money categories.
-You need simplicity. It's easy to read.
-You can't/don't want to pay for software. This can be used with the Google Sheets App, a free software.

This system works best if....
-You keep up with it every day-ish.
-Accompany it with an envelope method for saving.
-Release your fear. Seriously, money isn't scary.

Here's what you get with the system: 

1. 49 page User Manual (this pdf right here)
2. The story behind The Olivia P&L and who it's best suited for.
3. Set Up Directions for BEFORE you use the system.
4. A Step By Step guide on how to use the system.
5. A 13 page spreadsheet link: 12 months, plus a main dashboard for quick viewing.
6. For buyers in the beta test phase, you'll also receive a free live how-to use class via Zoom. Buyers not in the beta phase will receive a re-play later on.
7. A private YouTube playlist with updates and questions answered as more and more people use/have questions about the system.

Note: All Sales are final, no refunds, transfers, or exchanges. 

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