Pre- Order Fuck Around and Find Out Tank

Pre- Order Fuck Around and Find Out Tank

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The most self explanatory tank top to ever exist.

Fuck Around and Find Out is unapologetically brazen, denoting the nonfuckwithableness of the B&F clutch, and is also a nod to our values of uniqueness, possibility, and growth through a commitment to discovery and exploration. Perfect for your loud friend, or anyone who appreciates the scientific method. This one is for polers or the non poler in your life who just needs to warn people. 

This is a pre-order item! We are closing orders on November 30 at 9am. From there, we will be ordering, then screen printing. We hope to have these mailed in time for Christmas, but please keep in mind we are a one man show. (Literally, only one man does all of these for us.)

*Pro Tip* If you are also ordering NON pre-order items as well, we recommend doing that as a separate transaction, that way you can receive those first!