B&F Infusion

B&F Infusion

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Thank you so much for working with us and being kind during the delay of our monthly release. B&F CEO and Right Hand (Wo)man have safely made it out of Hurricane Ida in New Orleans. Now onto the good stuff! Here's how you sign up for Infusion: 

1. Choose your preferred date. 
2. Click the button to purchase! 

Infusion is a 3 week introductory series specifically designed for folks who are interested in a membership to Butter & Filth. We are a members only studio. Anyone interested in joining must complete Infusion first. We are a sensual embodiment studio geared towards unearthing your existing erotic power. 

If you are interested in trying pole once, please check out our 9:30am drop in class on Saturdays.
If you are turning upppppp for a celebration, a party is perfect for you

Infusion spots are limited, and we kindly ask that spots remain for individuals interested a sustained practice in pole and the erotic.



The fine print: no refunds, extensions, makeups, or session changes. 

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