2021 Workshop

2021 Workshop

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Clara James
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Workshop Description:
Become your own most delicious nightmare this Halloween with blood red lights, unearthly vocals, and demonic shapeshifting. This workshop is suitable for all skill levels but not for the faint of heart! Our time will culminate in a 17 minute performance to Anna Von Hausswolff’s “Ugly And Vengeful.” We will prepare ourselves for this event with both pole and floor deep dives that use slowness and stillness like a pressure cooker. How do you toe the line between opening to the explosive ecstatic and respecting your mortal and limited body? Can ecstatic
energy be found in the gesture of a single finger as well as a drop split? What is it you’d like to expel? What would you like to grow? Costumes not required but absolutely welcome.

The Fine Print:
1. No refunds or cancellations! 
2. Do note that Exorcise is an artistic creative experience intended to deepen your relationship with yourself and your practice. The skills you will gain here will be those of the emotional/creative realm, intended to serve how you view yourself and the world around you. We do not capitulate to the simplicity of a traditional "skill grab" class format that can limit its service to your soul outside of the classroom.
3. The experience is 3 hours long. Please bring a snack and water. 



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