Captivating, seductive, lascivious, and confident, Butter & Filth is focused on taking the YOU thats already there, and making it better. Butter & Filth uses emotional presence as a source of bodily knowledge, rather than formal methodologies. When unconcerned with the constraints of “correctness”, magic is born.

Butter & Filth is is a comprised of Heather and Nia’s 35 years of combined background in fine art, pole dance, and gymnastics. We’ve constructed an experience that raises the bar on how pole performance is taught, learned, and observed. Our focus begins on your strengths. We believe thats where magic happens. We are interested in acceptance of the self and of others. Our goal is to support you in your exploration, and to provide a world free of outside demands and expectations. We create a relaxed, fun space as part of the Butter & Filth method. We believe that authenticity, accessibility, and honesty is key in teaching, learning, and interacting with others. We started pole dancing in dim lighting amongst stale champagne and grew ourselves into award winning, nationally in-demand artists. All this through simply listening to ourselves and our desires. This taught us that anything is possible. Let us unlock this for you, too.

Need a private, group private, or just some time to yourself in the studio? We’ve got you covered. We offer private lessons, Champagne Rooms (bespoke group privates for those seeking to take their practice to the next level) and studio rentals for artists, students, and more. We offer pro lighting and audio for video shoots, or even a date night with that special someone.