The Olivia P&L

A beginner money management system for those in cash or informal economies. Easy to read and understand so that you can live your best financial life.

I already know I want it

Its hard to get ahead, or even caught up.

I used to say this to myself all the time. I didn't think that feeling secure in my money was for me. I thought it was for other people.

I've never fit in to a "traditional" workplace environment, so "traditional" methods of tracking and saving never worked for me. It was boring and felt so heavy. I used to keep my tips recorded on a piece of paper in my notebook because thats all I thought I was capable of.

Sound Familiar?

I was done hoping, done trying to manifest, because nothing seemed to work. I needed real ass results and I was ready to do what it took.

So I taught myself how to make spreadsheets and the rest is history. Currently, at this moment, I comfortably own a house, have a credit score of 820, am this close to having all of my student loans paid off, and have a retirement plan in place, and I have never ever had a 9-5 or made boatloads of money and my family is the farthest from rich. I've been a working artist of all sorts for my whole life.

You can do it too...

Beginner money management made specially for informal economy workers. No math skills needed.

This is what I believe

I believe that beginner financial management does not have to be boring, ugly, or scary.
I believe that money management tools can be beautiful so that you don't dread looking at.
I believe that shift based workers should be able to plan their lives more than one day at a time.
I believe non-math brained people and people who work in tip based industries should be able to be able to, like, you know have shit in their lives and not have to guess if they are able to afford something.
I believe that we can plan for our retirement, schooling, loans, homes, outside of the constraints of a 9-5.
I believe that people who don't "come from money" shouldn't have to learn the hard way.

Babe With The Power

You are here to take radical and beautiful responsibility for your destiny, break curses, and be able to analyze your life so you can make decisions accordingly.

This is all within you already.

Here's the thing: when we make money decisions based on how we feel, we're not really acting in our best interest. As my coach says "men lie, women lie, numbers don't lie".

Sometimes its easier not to look! Sometimes you don't know where to start. This is where The Olivia P&L comes in. It's easy to read, colorful and it uses easy af language so you know what all this shit means.

With all your numbers in one place, you can effectively plan, because here is the thing:

There's always a slow season.
You could get injured.
You need to go on vacation, booboo.
You motherfucking deserve stability, and only you can give yourself that.

You're Done Hoping

Look, I get it. You're ready to take hold of your time in the industry like a boss. You're ready to make the most of this time you've got here. You're not here to play one single game in 2022.

You'll love this if....

You are visual. It's colorful and there are definitions of almost every word right next to the term.

You forget. There are directions on every page.

You like pretty things. The system is color coded so you will begin to learn what colors stand for what money categories.

You need simplicity. It's easy to read.

You can't/don't want to pay for software. This can be used with the Google Sheets App, a free software.

This system works best if....

You keep up with it every day or so.

You accompany it with an envelope method for saving.

You want to release your fear. Seriously, money isn't scary.

What is Included?

1. A 49 page User Manual (this pdf right here)

2. The story behind The Olivia P&L and who it's best suited for.

3. Set Up Directions for BEFORE you use the system.

4. A Step By Step guide on how to use the system.

5. A 13 page spreadsheet link: 12 months, plus a main dashboard for quick viewing.

6. For buyers in the beta test phase, you'll also receive a free live how-to use class via Zoom. Buyers not in the beta phase will receive a re-play later on.

7. A private YouTube playlist with updates and questions answered as more and more people use/have questions about the system.

Get The Olivia P&L

Choosing you future self is unmatched.

Here's what this system won't do. I gotta keep it real...

The Olivia wont solve your spending problem (but it can help you see where you have some opportunity for growth).
It won't get you a huge house (but will tell you what you can afford).
It won't be the answers to all your financial woes (only you are).
It won't give you motivation (but it can show you where to put your focus).

Look here, friend. I am all about that personal responsibility life. You got this.


When I first started dancing, I didn't know how to keep track of my daily income. I had been tracking it in my notes app, which didn't account for work related expenses and became quite messy. I also have quite the shopping habit and wasn't keeping track of those expenses. The Olivia P&L changed that. The system offers a comprehensive breakdown of all my money that comes in, so it allows me to set goals for the month, and track my expenses, both work and non work related, so I always know where I stand. It has immensely simplified tracking my day to day income and has given me everything I need to have a better understanding of where my money is being spend and what I need to work on.

Flora, dancer

I am new to the budgeting world where spreadsheets and numbers are not really part of my language. I work in the service industry/spa world as a massage therapist. Having a straight forward system like the Olivia P&L, allows the user to see and save money and track work related expenses. The Olivia P&L is not only easy on the eyes but easy on my left brained head. It’s all spelled out for you, and completely customizable. I am able to see how many appointments I would need to book to meet my goal for each month. One thing I like is how it breaks everything down for you and is easy to understand. I recommend this system for the person who works off tips, commission or any kind of income that fluctuates, especially those who file 1099 or independent contractor. And definitely for the person who may be intimidated by budgeting and numbers, this system will be your gateway to understanding how to manage your money.

Audrey, LMT