Summer 2022 Collection

Our Summer 2022 collection is full of earthy tones on a spectrum of warm and cool. All garments can be worn to your desire: no bra and side boob city, or as a super athletic top, baggy, tight, accessorized to be masculine or feminine and can be worn by anyone, not matter what the piece is. Mix and match colors and styles to suit your liking. ⁠

The spine of all garments have latin phrases, labeling you like a the damn beautiful specimen you are. Choose from either, or get both:

Cum butyrum: With Butter⁠
In Sterquiliniis Invenitur: In Filth It Shall Be Found. ⁠

A note on pre-orders: Pre-orders take about 6 weeks from order to production. We will send you an email update of each step of the process as it is completed. Please exercise kindness as patience with our growing business, as we are a one man show. 

PRO TIP! Order all pre-order items in a separate order from non pre-order items so that your non pre-order items ship like, right now! Pre-Order items are listed as such.